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Our Story

Erin and Sean first crossed paths in the summer of 2001. Sean’s roommate Mike Lawless had just been elected to the board of the USC which he shared with Erin. They met briefly and occasionally throughout the following year. With the help of exaggerated reports form Mike the interest grew over the idea of this “perfect match”.  Sean was scared, however, fearing Erin’s reputation of being uber-smart and a man-eater.  Erin was too busy to pay attention to this guy she kept hearing about.

      Saturday September 20th, 2002, Sean and Bongo attend homecoming festivities at The Wave.  Sean spots Erin chatting with some friends including one he recognizes from soph selections; Sera Vavala. After what seemed like hours of debate Bongo finally convinces Sean to got and talk to this so called “girl of his dreams”.  The conversation was short but spectacular and a victorious Sean walked away having given Erin his phone number.

      The next night was their very first date. Erin admitted later that she knew from the first minute of the date it was going to last till morning. Sean had no problem with that.  For the next few months Sean secretly tried to get Erin committed into a relationship, but Erin was again to busy for that. It took her 3 months to finally admit to Sean and her friends that he was actually her boyfriend.  This fact cost Erin the right to ever be mad at Sean for getting their anniversary date wrong; technically they didn’t become official until December of that year.  In April of 2003 Erin moved to Mississauga with Sean and his mom. There they lived in the basement for 2 years; Erin working an assortment of jobs and Sean working for Maple Leaf Foods.  It is here that the two developed their love of food, patios and culture. They fell in love with downtown Toronto but knew it was not feasible to live there yet. In March of 2004 Sean proposed to Erin. Seeing no better options she tentatively agreed. The following year they moved into an apartment with Jeremy Richards. For 16 months they enjoyed the freedom of having their own space and began planning their lives together. They had the priveledge of many amazing adventures, concerts, festivals and other special moments. All the while expanding their knowledge and passion for food and cooking.

      Finally in October 2005 Erin & Sean moved to the big city.  They have found themselves in a wonderful community and in a house they can truly call home. They love to entertain, ride their bikes, attend street festivals, listen to and share music.  They plan to travel worldwide for over 8 months following the wedding.

      No relationship can truly flourish without the good times, love and support of family and friend within each of the individual’s community. Erin and Sean’s story is not complete, nor would even exist, without the people in their lives and the caring they have been bestowed. They would like to express their deepest gratitude to all those they love so very much.