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While we appreciate that everyone would like to be at their fashion best, we ask that you consider the venue when picking out your duds. We will be dressing ‘up’ for the ceremony but everyone should wear whatever they are comfortable in. We ask that you wear ‘sensible’ shoes. Please, do not wear high heels – we don’t want anyone to face plant or sprain an ankle on the uneven terrain. Many guests will be wearing sandals, flats or even sneakers so please choose something you can move easily in.

We would also recommend that you bring warm clothes for after the sun sets. The autumn colours will be stunning and the weather will be beautiful (we hope!) at that time of year however the temperature can dip down significantly in the evening. There will be many a campfire to keep you warm but we recommend you bring something comfy and cozy for ‘after dark’. There will be assigned cabins where guests not staying at the camp can leave a travel bag and change their clothes.